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Welcome to The Good Therapist, established in 2015, invested in creating and acting as a catalyst for change in our time. I have qualified with a BSc in Counselling & Psychotherapy in 2015 and work in the area of Human Resources for 10 years. Currently, my investment is in bringing about transformation in the workplace by marrying my skills and forming a series of workshops called Workplace Awareness. The aim is to reduce workplace concerns in creating a fruitful environment for both the employer and the employee.

To be truly free is to be free WITHIN oneself, how do we achieve this? Support, caring and allowance is a good place to start. Creating awareness and choosing a safe space in which to explore is paramount. Being free is your energetic right, so be it. Sessions can be booked online and all other details are available please feel free to email me  If you would like more information, please contact me at and 0863579268. I look forward to your interest, until then, be mindful.

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Is our intuition enough to sustain us in the wake of formal education?

Do you know that you already know?

Are you willing to listen..?

Delve deep, relax and listen..

Discover your true power!

You are all knowing & all seeing..


Do you give yourself permission to be all of yourself?

What contribution can all of your past experiences make to you and your body in this lifetime?